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Handwriting at home

From the earliest stages, children will be developing their fine motor skills when they pick up writing tools and make marks on paper. You can help by giving your child lots of opportunities to scribble, draw, colour and develop other early writing skills. However, handwriting needs to be taught in a consistent way and it is important for children to develop good habits with writing. Here we have put together everything you need to know about how handwriting is taught at school and what you can do to support your child at home.

Age 3 – 4

Ages 3 – 4

Tips for developing motor skills.

Age 4–5

Ages 4 – 5

Learning to form numbers and letters.

Age 5–6

Ages 5 – 6

Developing handwriting skills.

Age 6–7

Ages 6 – 7

Learning to join up writing.

Age 7–11

Ages 7 – 11

Developing fluency and speed.

Video: Handwriting fun

Fun ideas to motivate children to practise writing. Watch on YouTube >

Handwriting at home

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