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how to compose numbers video for parents

How to ... join and break down numbers

These maths videos from our How to … series explain how to help your child with composing and decomposing numbers. Composing numbers refers to joining groups or a set of numbers to make another number, while decomposing numbers means to break numbers down to their component parts.

Animation: What is composing and decomposing numbers?

An animated introduction to composing and decomposing numbers. Understand how to make a number out of other numbers, and break numbers down.

How to support your child to join and break down numbers

Understand how to help your with child joining and breaking down numbers, with Paul Repper.

Teacher video: composing and decomposing numbers

How to teach about numbres

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These videos are taken from our How to … series, designed to help parents better understand how maths and English are taught in school, and what you can do at home to support your child's development.

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