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Fun activities for 5 - 7 year olds

Whatever the weather this Christmas, you’ll find an activity here to suit your child. Wrap up warm and go out for a winter scavenger hunt, or stay inside and play party games with our range of festive activity ideas.
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memory game
Christmas memory tray game

Your child will love this Christmas version of the popular memory tray game. Find a selection of Christmas objects – for example, a bauble, a mince pie, a small parcel, a satsuma – and arrange them on a tray. Keep the tray covered with a tea-towel or a piece of wrapping paper until you are ready to play the game. Vary the number of objects according to the age(s) of your child or children. Uncover the tray and place it where all children can see it. Give the children a minute to memorize the contents of the tray, then cover it up again. Take the tray away and remove one object. Bring the tray back and ask the children to write down the object which is missing. Perhaps the winner can eat the mince pie!


Throw a mini Pippi Longstocking party! Fans of the books will love these fun Pippi-themed party games, which are the perfect antidote to another round of charades!
Download instructions

tree biscuit

Baking together is great fun and a good way to get children practising their measuring and counting skills. These snow-covered gingerbread trees are easy to make and your child will love decorating them.
Download instructions


Can you find the 10 Christmas words hidden in the wordsearch? A fiendish test of your child's word-spotting skills, the words can be written any way – forwards and backwards, top to bottom and bottom to top, left to right and right to left, and even diagonally.
Download the wordsearch [PDF]

scavenger hunt
Go for a winter scavenger hunt

We all know that sluggish feeling in the Christmas holidays when you have been in the house for days and have eaten one too many mince pies! This winter scavenger hunt is a great way to get everyone outside burning some energy. Give your child or children a bag and a list of things to collect. If you are in the woods this could be a pine cone, a conker, a twig, a feather, a leaf, a stone. If you are at the beach they could search for a shell, a piece of seaweed, a stone. Alternatively, you could just have a challenge to see who can find the most of a certain item – pine cones, shells, stones. Another idea is that you could give your child or children a bag each and challenge them to see what treasures they can find.

Draw a pug

Everybody loves pugs, and they're easy to draw! Follow these simple instructions from the creators of Pug-a-Doodle-Do and draw your own completely unique pug.
Download instructions

long car journey
Ideas to pass the time on a long car journey

Do you have a long car journey at Christmas? It's never long until you hear the fateful words, ‘Are we nearly there yet?’ Why not try listening to an audiobook like The Christmasaurus, The Gruffalo's Child or Stick Man.
Or take it in turns to tell a joke or riddle: try Winnie's Jokes

boy in car
Car game: I Spy

This is the classic game 'I Spy' based on any Christmassy things, seen in or outside the car. It also is a great activity for practising those speech sounds. Someone says ‘I spy with my little eye, something beginning with ... a, b, c, etc’. Then everyone else has to guess what it might be. For example, 'S might be for ‘star’. You may need to give each other clues.

Create a magical character

This creative writing worksheet, inspired by Michael Morpurgo's selection of Greatest Magical Stories , will take you through how to create your own magical character, step by step.
Download worksheet

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