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Christmas books for 4–5 year olds

Looking for the perfect book to give this Christmas? Take a look at our pick of the best Christmas books for 4–5 year olds.

Marie Voigt
A contemporary and beautifully illustrated retelling of Little Red Riding Hood. Can Red find her way to Grandma's house, or will she be swallowed up by the choices awaiting her in the big city?
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Valerie Thomas, Korky Paul
It's Christmas Eve and Winnie and Wilbur are super excited. They've posted their letters to the North Pole and made everything festive. But then disaster strikes. Santa gets stuck in their chimney! He desperately needs help with his deliveries otherwise Christmas just won't happen. It's a jingle-all-the-way Winnie and Wilbur adventure!
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Video: Winnie and Wilbur Meet Santa
Activity: Winnie's Christmas wordsearch [PDF]
Activity: Write a letter to Santa [PDF]

Madeleine Cook, Samara Hardy
Timmy Turkey would love to see Christmas come to Pear Tree Farm. But how can that happen when all his family always vote 'NO'? Timmy leads a brilliant campaign. But how will the animals vote? And how will they escape Farmer Carver's turkey twizzling plans? A funny Christmas caper from the duo who created The Mouse That Cancelled Christmas .
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Activity: Help Timmy Turkey find the path to Santa [PDF]

Madeleine Cook
A hilarious story of an anti-hero made good by the power of Christmas! For one little Mouse, Christmas means just one thing… danger! And he’s soon ruining everyone’s festive fun with his health and safety concerns from spiky pine needles to dusty icing sugar to songs about open fires. Christmas itself is in danger of being cancelled! Can the animals of Jingle Bell Forest work together to save Christmas?
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Activity: Colouring in [PDF]

Valerie Thomas
Bedtime stories will be spellbinding all year round with this stocking filler perfect for any Winnie and Wilbur fan. This collection features six classic Winnie stories. Add some Winnie magic to your bookshelf with The Midnight Dragon, Happy Birthday, Winnie!, The Flying Carpet, The Amazing Pumpkin, In Space, and Under the Sea.
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Ann Bonwill
Pocket is very excited to be enjoying his first Christmas. Hopping out of his burrow on Christmas morning he discovers some snowy footprints and decides to follow them. As he hops through the snow, his senses are filled with cheer – seeing his happy brothers and sisters playing on a frozen pond, hearing a little bird's joyful song, tasting the cold snowflakes on his tongue and feeling soft pine needles under his paws – but it is only when he reaches the cottage where the footprints end that he comes to an understanding of the true meaning of Christmas…
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Clement Moore
'Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse…'
Clement Moore's popular festive poem about a visit from Santa Claus, illustrated in glowing colour by Tomie de Paola, is a delight to share with children.
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