Tips and advice to help you help your child to develop their vocabulary, spelling, grammar, punctuation, handwriting and creative writing.

Help with spelling


How spelling is taught at school, and how you can help at home.
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Grammar & punctuation tips

Grammar & punctuation

All you need to know to help your child with grammar.
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A good knowledge of words is essential for success at school.
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Handwriting tips


Advice, video tips and activities to support your child's handwriting at home.
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Writing at primary school

Creative writing

Good writing gives children a voice to share their ideas with the world.
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How to choose a children's dictionary

Blog: Choosing a dictionary

Find out how to choose the right dictionary for your child.
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Featured videos

You'll find more support including storyteller videos, grammar tips, maths 'how to' animations, and fun learning ideas to try at home in the Oxford Owl video library.

What are fronted adverbials?
A short animation to help you know how and when to use adverbials.

What are cohesive devices?
Learn about determiners, pronouns and conjunctions.

Grow your child's vocabulary
Isabel Thomas offers her advice on improving your child's vocabulary.

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