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Guide to Read with Oxford Stages

From the very first steps in phonics all the way to reading independence, our unique and simple levelling system – Read with Oxford Stages – will help you choose the right book for your child.

What are the Read with Oxford Stages?

There are six Stages within Read with Oxford, each carefully levelled to support your child as they progress. Each of the six stages are colour-coded and underpinned by a simple statement to help you choose at a glance the right stage for your child. Read with Oxford Stages are also aligned with the Oxford Levels and Book Bands used in schools throughout the UK, so that you can match Read with Oxford books to those your child brings home from school.

The information below uses approximate ages, but remember that every child learns to read at their own pace – do not worry if your child is not quite in line with the ages given. Try our simple test to find out which Read with Oxford Stage is best for your child.

Approx. 3–4 years | Year Group: Early Years | Oxford Levels 1 and 1+ | Lilac and Pink book bands

Approx. 4–5 years | Year Group: Reception | Oxford Levels 2 and 3 | Red and Yellow book bands

Approx. 5–6 years | Year Group: 1 and 2 | Oxford Levels 4 and 5 | Blue and Green book bands

Approx. 5–7 years | Year Group: 1 and 2 | Oxford Levels 6 and 7 | Orange and Turquoise book bands

Approx. 6–8 years | Year Group: 2 and 3 | Oxford Levels 8 and 9 | Purple and Gold book bands

Approx. 7–8 years | Year Group: 3 | Oxford Levels 10, 11 and 12 | White, Lime and Brown book bands