Kids' activities > Age 5–6

Kids' activities: Age 5–6

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Maths activities

Number words

Match the numbers to the words.


Match 2D shapes with the correct shape names.

Money: Coins

Order the coins by value.

Add to 20

Practise adding up to 20.

Take away from 20

Practise taking away from 20.

Multiply by 2

Practise multiplying by 2.

Multiply by 5

Practise multiplying by 5.

Multiply by 10

Practise multiplying by 10.

Roll the dice

Try to get the highest total.

Four in a row

Play with a friend and get four in a row to win!

Pair pals (1)

Find the matching Biff, Chip and Kipper pairs.

Pair pals (2)

Find the matching underwater pairs.

Addition and subtraction

Cut out the cards to make your own calculations.

Paper fractions

Find different ways to fold the shapes in half.

Numbers and counting 0–100

Count the objects in each picture.

Shape and measuring

Measure objects at home using your hands.

Times tables 1–12

Times tables 1–12

Wall charts for all times tables from 1–12. Print out and stick up the times tables your child finds most difficult.

English activities

Character names

Find the hidden names in this wordsearch.

Vowel sounds

Match the words that share the same vowel sound.

Traditional tales

Finish these sentences to complete the story.

Comprehension: Biff, Chip and Kipper

Can you complete these sentences about Biff, Chip and Kipper?

Word endings

Match the words that have the same endings.

Word meanings

Link the verbs to their meanings.

Grammar: Punctuation

Use the correct punctuation to complete these sentences.

Handwriting: Capital letters

Match lowercase letters to their capital letters.


Match the pictures to the letters they start with.

Friendly Faces

Test your knowledge of Biff, Chip and Kipper with a friend.

Grammar: Plurals

Add the correct endings to make plural words.


Have fun turning letters into monsters!

Phonics: Vowel sounds

Match pictures to vowel sounds.

My magic key adventure

Write your own magic key adventure!

Eat a feast

How many words can you read?

Story cards

Make up your own story!

More than one

Learn about plurals.

Putting things in order

Put words in alphabetical order.

Spotting synonyms

Learn all about synonyms.

Word game

Play with a friend to practise the alphabet.

What shape?

Find the names of all the shapes in this wordsearch.

Flashcards, activity kits and books to use at home

Read with Oxford books

Read with Oxford

An exciting new range of levelled readers for children aged 3–8!
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Progress with Oxford books

Progress with Oxford

Fun activity books to help children aged 3–6 with English and maths.
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Read Write inc. Phonics

Read Write Inc. Phonics

A step-by-step phonics programme to support reading.
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