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Roald Dahl activity sheets

Alphabetical order

Put these jumbly words into the correct order.


Think of words to describe the sounds you would hear in a particular place.

Ringbelling rhymes

Can you write a limerick like Matilda?


Avoid a catasterous disastrophe and untangle these spoonerisms.

Sparky synonyms

Find out what squackling is synonymous with.

Odd Word Out

Test your knowledge of Roald Dahl’s books.

Mystery Gobblefunk

Can you come up with some definitions for these mystery words?

Back-to-front word puzzle

Solve the puzzle and find the mystery name.

Answer sheet

Answers for the Roald Dahl activities

Oxford Roald Dahl Dictionary

These activities are from Oxford Roald Dahl Dictionary.

Telling the time

Make your own clock

A fun activity to create your own clock.

Telling the time

Draw the clock hands in the right place.

Learn to tell the time

Get more tips on our
learning to tell the time page >

Fun with words

Sounding the same: Onomatopoeia 1

Find words that sound like the noise or action they describe.

Sounding the same: Onomatopoeia 2

Think of words to describe the sounds you would hear in a particular place.

Teasing Tongue-Twisters 1

How quickly can you say each of these tongue-twisters without making a mistake?

Teasing Tongue-Twisters 2

Write your own tongue-twisters.

Letter by letter

Change one word into another by changing one letter at a time.

Riddle-me-ree 1

Riddles are word puzzles. Can you work out what is being described?

Riddle-me-ree 2

What am I? Work out what is
being described.

Word shrinking

Take apart a word letter by letter, finding a new word each time you subtract a letter.

Anagram antics 1

Work out the anagrams in this poem.

Anagram antics 2

Write these words backwards to create new words!

Oxford Children's Dictionaries

These activities are from Oxford Children's Dictionaries.

Word games

More than one (Ages 5+)

Putting things in order (Ages 5+)

Spotting synonyms (Ages 5+)

Word game (Ages 5+)

What shape? (Ages 5+)

All in order (Ages 7+)

How do you spell that? (Ages 7+)

Know your ABC! (Ages 7+)

Opposites (Ages 7+)

Spotting synonyms (Ages 7+)

These activities are from Oxford Children's Dictionaries.