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Choosing a dictionary or thesaurus that is right for your child

Children need dictionaries which are specially written for them at their level, and in language they can understand.

Children’s vocabulary, comprehension, and language skills develop as they grow older – and the level they are at can depend on what they’re learning at school, what books they like to read, and what their friends are talking about.

A dictionary and thesaurus at home and at school are vital tools in developing and enriching children’s language as well as helping to improve their spelling.

Oxford’s children’s dictionaries are specially written to tailor examples of words to a context that children will relate to, for example children ‘buy’ sweets, they don’t ‘buy’ a house. Using language and examples that are appropriate for the age of the child, dictionaries can be easy to use and understand and can kick-start a love of words and language from an early age.

To choose the best dictionary, or thesaurus, for your child, why not use our simple dictionary selector .

What’s more, we need to enable our children to get the best out of dictionaries – and that means helping them with basic dictionary skills. We can help you with our fantastic free interactive guide to First Dictionary Skills!

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