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Assessment at primary school

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Information about how your child is assessed at primary school, and how you can help them prepare for their Key Stage SATs.

Regular assessment

Day-to-day assessment

Shareen Mayers explains how children are assessed at primary school

Year 1 Phonics

Phonics screening check

Laura Sharp answers key questions about the Year 1 Phonics Screening Check

Key Stage 1 SATs

Key Stage 1 SATs

All you need to know about the Key Stage 1 SATs.

Times tables check

Multiplication tables check

All you need to know about the Year 4 multiplication tables check.

Key Stage 2 SATs

Key Stage 2 SATs

Find out how you can help your child prepare for the Key Stage 2 SATs.

The 11 plus exam

The 11 plus exam

Your questions answered about the 11+ exam.

Building kids' resilience

Teacher and child psychologist Jean Gross CBE shares her tips for building your child's confidence and resilience.

Primary assessment

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