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Maths in Reception (age 4–5)

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In Reception, schools in England follow the Early Years Foundation Stage. In mathematics, your child is likely to cover the following things:

  • Counting up to 20 everyday objects
  • Saying and using the number names in order
  • Finding one more or less than a number up to 20
  • Starting to use the language of addition and subtraction; counting on and back
  • Sorting and matching objects and shapes
  • Comparing quantities and shapes
  • Finding and recreating simple patterns
  • Beginning to do some simple measuring, comparing lengths and quantities
  • Talking about things like size, weight, distance, time and money to develop correct vocabulary

Different ways to teach and learn maths at school

Maths will normally be taught on a daily basis, in a timetabled lesson, but children practise and use their maths throughout the school day.

Assessment and progress

Teachers will be monitoring your child's progress through observation and simple activities. Some may complete a portfolio of your child's best work to show you at the end of term, using an early years school-based profile to show their progress and this will include maths.

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