Professional Development & Best Practice: For the Love of Reading

James Clements

James Clements is the founder of education website Shakespeare and More. A primary teacher and senior leader for ten years, he also worked as a local authority lead teacher. James now works as a writer and independent English adviser, supporting schools and LAs across develop the teaching of reading, writing and drama. He is author of Building an Outstanding Reading School, a joint project with Oxford University Press.

2016: Space for The Odyssey? - James Clements shares ideas of how classic texts can be used to meet the demands of the 2014 curriculum. (9 min 30 sec)

James Clements Q&A - Questions and answers on on developing a love of reading. (7 min 11 sec)

2016: Space for The Odyssey? (Presentation) - James Clements's presentation on the 2016: Space for The Odyssey?