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Times tables

NOTE: See our blog for guidance on the Year 4 multiplication tables check.

If you've started practising times tables with your child, you'll know how easy it can be to slip into simply reciting them together. Whilst this can be helpful in making them stick, it can end up getting repetitive – both for you and your child! To help make learning this essential information as fun and enjoyable as possible, we've gathered together our pick of the top times tables resources on Oxford Owl.

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Top tips for learning times tables

Confidence with times tables really is important for children in primary school. While it may seem tedious to practise times tables with your child and you might have bad memories of reciting times tables at school, by ensuring your child is confident with times tables you will be giving them some essential tools for success in maths.

Our times tables top tips will provide some useful advice and great ideas to help you support your child in learning their times tables.
Read our top tips.


Fun games

Watch the Video

Fun games

Mathemagician Andrew Jeffrey shows us how to use games to practise times tables.
Watch the video

Help at home

Watch the Video

Help at home

Educational expert Kate Robinson explains how you can support your child to learn times tables.
Watch the video

Times tables activity sheets

6 times table

Six Times Table

Three activities to support learning the six times table.
Answer sheet

7 times table

Seven Times Table

Three activities to support learning the seven times table.
Answer sheet

8 times table

Eight Times Table

Three activities to support learning the eight times table.
Answer sheet

9 times table

Nine Times Table

Three activities to support learning the nine times table.
Answer sheet

Bathroom Wall Table 2

Bathroom Wall Table

Use this poster to become a 6 x table whizz while you brush your teeth.

7 X Table Multiplication Bingo 2

7 x Table Multiplication Bingo

Practise the 7 x table with a game of multiplication bingo.

8 X Table Pairs Snap 2

8 x Table Pairs and Snap

Become a whizz at the 8 x table with these great quick-fire games.

9 X Table Trick 2

9 x Table Trick

Find the 9 x table tricky? Use this handy trick to help you remember it.

Banana Milkshake

Banana milkshake recipe

Make this delicious milkshake and practise multiplying 2- and 3-digit numbers.

Bond 7 times table activity

7 times table worksheet

Practise the 7 times table with this worksheet from Bond SATs Skills,
Answer sheet

Times tables 1–12

Times tables 1–12

Wall charts for all times tables from 1–12. Print out and stick up the times tables your child finds most difficult.

Times tables games