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About Big Writing Adventures

Q: What is Big Writing Adventures?

A: Big Writing Adventures is an award-winning online subscription programme for 4 to 11 year olds built around Ros Wilson’s Big Writing methodology. Based in an exciting online world in which characters present children with a series of writing missions, the programme provides a real purpose to children’s writing.

You can find out more about Big Writing Adventures in our Walkthroughs which provide a helpful visual guide to using the programme resources.

Q: What’s included in my subscription?

A: Big Writing Adventures contains front-of-class teaching materials for writing, including videos, animations, photographs, illustrations, audio files and model texts. It also contains downloadable, comprehensive teaching support and transcripts of all of the video content contained in the subscription. A subscription to Big Writing Adventures also provides access to assessment and curriculum support, professional development videos and links to relevant training.

Q: How long is my subscription?

A: You can subscribe for unlimited access to the Big Writing Adventures programme and content for your school for between one and five years. An unlimited number of teachers and pupils in your school can use the programme during this time. After the initial period of your subscription, your subscription is renewed annually.

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