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Q: What is in the online teaching screens?

A: The teaching software screens contain animations of the letters in each unit, practice patterns to help with letter and join formation, words to copy from the Extra and Extension sections of the Pupil Books, and tramlines where children can copy and trace the patterns, letters and words, as well as tips from the friendly Nelson fox.

Q: What tools can I use in the online teaching screens?

A: You can annotate the teaching software screens using the toolbar at the bottom of the screen, in all tabs except the Focus tab. The toolbar includes Copy and Trace tramlines, Pen and Highlight tools in various colours and Erase/Undo/Redo/Reset buttons to amend your annotations.

Q: Can I save my annotations?

A: No. You cannot save annotations made in the online teaching screens. Every time you open a unit teaching screen it will be reset, to allow you to reuse these screens as many time as you wish.

Q: How do I remove annotations?

A: You can use the Undo tool to remove the last annotation you made, or the Erase tool to erase specific annotations. Use the Reset tool to clear all annotations. Alternatively, if you exit and re-enter the unit teaching screen, all annotations will be reset.

Q: How do I find resources?

A: The quickest way to find a specific resource is via the Search bar by typing in keywords or the resource title. You can also filter all resources by series, year group, unit and/or resource type.

To find a specific resource: you will find the Starter Resource sheets with the smaller x-height of 6mm by typing ‘6mm’ into the Search bar.

Q: How do I play videos in full-screen mode?

A: To play Nelson Handwriting videos in full-screen mode, simply click the full-screen icon located at the bottom right of each video. You can exit full-screen mode by using the Escape button on your keyboard, or clicking the x button in the top right corner of the screen.

Q: My online teaching screen doesn’t have audio – what should I do?

A: Only the teaching software screens for Year R and Year 1 contain audio. Teaching screens for Year 2–Year 4 do not contain audio. If you are having problems playing the audio on teaching screens for Year R and Year 1, it may be because:

1. the audio is turned down on your computer or tablet. Please check and re-play the video.

2. if you are using Firefox on a laptop or computer, you do not have an up-to-date version of Adobe Flash Player installed on your machine. (Firefox uses a Flash plug-in to play audio).

Q: How do I return to the list of resources?

A: Activities and PDFs open in a new tab. Once you’ve opened an activity or PDF you will need to close the tab to return to the list of resources.

Q: How do I use the eraser tool on the iPad?

A: When using the eraser tool on the iPad, you will need to swipe your finger over the annotation you wish to erase, rather than tapping the screen.

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