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About Numicon Online

Q: What is Numicon?

A: Numicon is a flexible, multi-sensory whole-school approach to teaching maths across all ability levels, using Teaching Handbooks, pupil materials and physical apparatus including the Numicon Shapes. Numicon develops mathematical conversation, reasoning and problem solving skills and creates confident mathematicians from nursery to Year 6/P7. It is created by teachers and experts in the field based on a proven Concrete Pictorial Abstract approach.

Q: What is Numicon Online?

A: Numicon Online is a subscription to the digital teaching and learning support for Numicon. We provide tracking sheets, teacher support videos, planning support, photocopy masters and extra activities for all UK curricula.

You can find out more about Numicon Online using our Walkthrough which provides a helpful visual guide to using the online resource collection and the Interactive Whiteboard Software.

Q: How do I get started with my subscription?

A: Join us for a free webinar to help get you started with your Numicon Online subscription.

The webinar will provide an overview of the new software and highlight ways that it can support Numicon teaching in your school.

You’ll be shown how to launch and access the software, how to use the workspaces and resources, and how to save your progress. It will also show you where you can access further help and support for your Numicon Online subscription.

If you sign up, you’ll receive a recording of the webinar once it has taken place.

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Q: What’s included in my subscription?

A: Numicon Online is a whole-school subscription and contains the following resources:

  • Numicon Interactive Whiteboard Software (see above)
  • Numicon planning, assessment and curriculum support for Number, Pattern and Calculating 1–6 and Geometry, Measurement and Statistics 1–6.
  • Teacher support videos for Numicon 1–6 to support implementation
  • Planning and assessment support for Numicon Firm Foundations including teacher support videos
  • Support for the Numicon Pupil Books including lesson starters and answers
  • Support for the Numicon Big Ideas programme including a tracker and videos
  • Tracking spreadsheets to support the National Curriculum Test Practice Questions
  • Extra Numicon 6 activities on probability and median, mode and range to support the Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland curricula

You can find more detail about what’s in the collection in the Numicon Index.

Q: What is the Numicon Interactive Whiteboard Software?

A: The Numicon Interactive Whiteboard Software is a flexible online tool for teaching with manipulatives at any stage. The software provides a wide range of apparatus and imagery to support a Concrete Pictorial Abstract approach. You can save your work at any time, so you can prepare apparatus for lessons ready to use in class, or record children’s responses, and work on material for different groups. See the User Guide for full information about how to use the software.

Q: What types of content are provided for each year group?

A: The Numicon Online resources are divided into Classroom resources and Planning resources. In the Planning resources you will find:

  • A Milestone Tracking spreadsheet for each year group, so you can track pupil progress using the Numicon milestone statements
  • Teacher support videos to support implementation, helping you get the most out of your teaching handbooks and physical resources
  • Planning charts including a recommended Numicon combined teaching progression to cover all topics, for long, medium and short-term planning
  • Curriculum charts showing how the handbooks cover specific content for England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

In the Classroom resources you will find:

  • Summaries of what’s covered in each Numicon Activity Group for quick reference
  • All the photocopy masters from each of the handbooks, including editable versions
  • Lesson starters for use with the Pupil Books, with opening images and questions for use on a whiteboard in class.

Q: What devices can I use with Numicon Online?

A: Numicon Online is designed for use on Macs and PCs running Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel version 2010 and Adobe Acrobat Reader software. The Numicon Online content is also viewable on laptops running Mac OS or Windows. Numicon Online resources may work on tablets but their use on these devices is not supported.

Numicon Online system requirements:

  • Adobe Acrobat Reader software
  • Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel version 97-2003 or later
  • Adobe Flash player
  • minimum screen resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels
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