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About School Improvement Pathways

Q: What is School Improvement Pathways?

A: School Improvement Pathways is an online school improvement system designed to support you in addressing the issues that matter to your school. It is a set of interlinked school improvement tools to help you make targeted changes to provision at your school. After identifying your areas for development as part of your school improvement cycle, you can choose a Pathway that will help you address issues and embed sustainable good practice across your school.

See the About section for a comprehensive overview of School Improvement Pathways and our Walkthroughs for a helpful visual guide to these subscription-based tools.

Q: How do I use School Improvement Pathways?

A: Click on the links below to access video support for School Improvement Pathways. Learn more about the approach, each of the four steps and how to use them to reach your school improvement goals.

About School Improvement Pathways


Step 1: Audit

Step 2: Strategic planning

Step 3: Take action

Step 4: Evaluate impact

Q: Can my governing body access and use Pathways?

A: Yes. Your governing body can log on to School Improvement Pathways as part of your school subscription, thereby ensuring that your whole school community is working together collectively towards your school improvement goals.

Q: How are Pathways categorised?

A: School Improvement Pathways is organised into three easy-to-use categories:

1. Whole School Improvement

2. Teaching and Learning: English

3. Teaching and Learning: Mathematics.

Pathways can be activated in each of these three categories to help you progress towards to your school improvement goals.

Q: What is the Pathway Overview?

A: Each Pathway has an overview section, which gives essential information about the content in that Pathway. Here you can browse the content of each of the four steps within a selected Pathway and the Background and Research section gives an expert overview of the issue. This section is regularly updated to ensure you have the most up-to-date information.

In each Pathway Overview you can also view the active version/s of the Pathway in your school. See What is an active Pathway? for more information.

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