Welcome to Oxford BookMatch, a children’s book recommendation tool especially designed to help teachers find the right book for every child, with hundreds of books listed from the full range of children’s publishers as well as from Oxford programmes. The books selected are recommended for children of around 4 to 11 years old. BookMatch is regularly monitored and will continue to be updated with new recommendations.

Using Oxford BookMatch


You can search by using the teacher-friendly search filters (to refine your search further select Show more categories), by typing into the keyword search or simply by browsing the bookshelves on the Find a book page. Search results will be available under two tabs: All publishers and Oxford programmes.

All publishers tab

All the books in this list of titles have been independently selected by our reading experts as being among the best children’s literature available. Some of the books are long-standing classics, others are recent award-winning titles, but they have all been proven to interest, inspire, engage and motivate young readers.

All these books have been reviewed based on the experts’ own experience of using them with the children they work with, but they can of course be used with different age groups and for different purposes. The age and Oxford Level assigned to each book are not intended to be prescriptive, merely a guide to the approximate reading and interest level of the book. For example, the picture books in our list have been assigned to a year group based on the experts' experience of using the book, but these can often be shared right across the primary age-range.

We would strongly recommend reading a book before sharing it with a child or your class to ensure you are familiar with the content. However, any books which contain sensitive or controversial content have been flagged on the Book record page in the Note section.

Oxford programmes tab

All the books in this list come from our well-known reading programmes. This is to support those teachers who may want to find suitable books from within Oxford’s carefully levelled programmes, and to help users get the most out of resources they already have in school.

Oxford Levels

We have assigned a best-fit Oxford Level to all books included in Oxford BookMatch, but please note that, unlike books within Oxford programmes, the books under the All publishers tab have not been written to fit levelling guidelines. Therefore, the Oxford Level assigned should be taken as a guide only. They are suggestions based on what an average reader at this level may be expected to read and understand largely independently.

For guidance only, the chart below shows how Oxford Levels best fit Book Bands.

Book Band Oxford Level
Lilac Level 1
Pink Level 1+
Red Level 2
Yellow Level 3
Light Blue Level 4
Green Level 5
Orange Level 6
Turquoise Level 7
Purple Level 8
Gold, Brown Level 9
White, Brown Level 10
Lime, Brown Level 11
Grey Levels 12-14
Dark Blue Levels 15-16
Dark Red Levels 17-20

If you want to identify your children’s Oxford Level, please refer to Assess, Level & Match on Owl where you will find advice on how to assess and level your children.

Book record page

The Book record page gives you comprehensive information on your selected title, along with an expert's recommendation (for books in the All publishers category only) and a helpful teacher tip. You can click on the Sample pages tab to see pages from the book or if you wish to purchase a title click the Amazon or Oxford Primary link. In the Gallery of work you will find some examples of children’s work linked to the book for extra ideas and inspiration.

Saving, editing, printing and sharing booklists

You can save your own booklists from your search results for future reference which you can then edit, print or email to others by following the simple on-screen instructions.

Featured booklists

If you want a ready-made booklist on a particular topic browse the Featured booklists which have been created by well-known authors, including Funny Reads by Jeremy Strong, Great Historical Adventure Stories by Tony Bradman and Michael Morpurgo’s Classic Fiction, among others.

We are also pleased to include all the primary age shortlisted books from the UKLA Book Awards as part of our Featured booklists, where you can read our own experts’ summaries, or get the full picture by viewing the book records for each title. The UKLA Book Award is unique in that it is the only national book award judged by practising teachers. Two of our own BookMatch experts are past judges, and all have welcomed the opportunity to widen their knowledge of recent children’s titles and to share these with their classes.


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