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Adventure stories

Including our own Winnie and Wilbur, Wendy Cooling MBE chooses some enthralling page-turners.

Adventure stories for: 6 – 7 years | 8 – 9 years | 9 – 12 years

Adventure stories for 6–7 year olds

Captain Flinn and the Pirate Dinosaurs Giles Andreae, Russell Ayto
Finn travels magically from the school art cupboard to a world of pirates—ordinary ones and dinosaur ones—and into a fantastic adventure that ends up back in the cupboard. A rip-roaring picture book. Buy on Amazon >

Traction Man is Here Mini Grey
Traction Man’s life is packed with adventure in this picture book and he’s always got an outfit to suit the occasion—he’s a superhero with a difference. Great illustrations with a retro feel. Buy on Amazon >

Mortimer Keene: Dino Danger Tim Healey and Chris Mould
Danger, and a time machine in the school lab, lead Mortimer Keene and his friends back to the world of the dinosaurs. Mad scientist Mortimer is a great new character. Buy on Amazon >

Winnie Goes for Gold Laura Owen, Korky Paul
Fans of the much-loved Winnie the Witch picture books will love these longer stories based on the same character. This one contains three exciting stories of Winnie’s mad antics, with added jokes to make you laugh even more. It can be dipped into but will make a young child feel like a proper reader. Buy on Amazon >

Not Last Night But the Night Before Colin McNaughton, Emma Chichester Clark
This picture book may look a little young but it’s great as it will take young readers back to all their favourite nursery rhyme and story characters—the Three Little Pigs, Little Bo-Peep, Jack and Jill, and more. Packed with fun, and good for those who still shy away from longer books. Buy on Amazon >

Adventure stories for 8 – 9 year olds

Tom Trueheart Ian Beck
Tom wants to be an adventurer like his six brothers who work for the Story Bureau. His chance comes when his brothers fail to come home and it’s his job to set out to find them. But maybe he finds a little more adventure than he’d wished for! Buy on Amazon >

The Big Question Leen van den Berg, Kaatje Vermeire
This is a most unusual picture book, and very large to fit in with the question. Elephant’s big question is ‘How do you know you love someone?’ An adventure of a very different kind, a journey through the lives of the characters as they meet, chaired by Ant, to discuss the matter. Lots to look at, talk about, and think about in this book. Buy on Amazon >

Millions Frank Cottrell Boyce
A bag full of money falls from the sky and lands at Damian’s feet, and suddenly he and his brother are rich. There’s a ‘but’ in the story of course. Buy on Amazon >

A Boy and a Bear in a Boat Dave Shelton
n engaging, quirky story about a boy and a bear who go to sea, equipped with a suitcase, a comic book, and a ukulele. It’s hard to categorize this book but it is completely irresistible. Buy on Amazon >

Fergus Crane Paul Stewart and Chris Riddell
Fergus receives a strange letter and is soon whisked off in a mysterious flying box into the unknown to rescue his father. Wildly imaginative with appealing black and white illustrations. Buy on Amazon >

Adventure stories for 9 – 12 year-olds

The Letter for the King Tonke Dragt
Tiuri is locked in a chapel in silence for the night as he prepares to become a knight. Suddenly there is a knock at the door and he realizes he must leave on a mission to deliver an important letter, so an amazing journey begins. A terrific but challenging read. Buy on Amazon >

Journey to the River Sea Eva Ibbotson
Maia is sent off to live with her relations on the Amazon River after the death of her parents. Her cousins, aunt, and uncle are horrible to her. Luckily she is a tough, thoughtful girl who can make friends, and against all the odds she finds happiness. There’s a visual quality to the writing that makes this a book to get lost in. Buy on Amazon >

The Death Defying Pepper Roux Geraldine McCaughrean
Pepper Roux has a charmed life and seems able to step into anything and have an adventure. He becomes a sea captain, a sausage-seller and more, creating chaos at all times. A very funny and exciting story. Buy on Amazon >

The Boundless Kenneth Oppel
The Boundless is the longest train in the world with 981 carriages. Its maiden journey across Canada turns into a huge adventure, one with a brilliant ending. Buy on Amazon >

Mortal Engines Philip Reeve
A fabulous adventure in a London of another time—a time when cities move. Tom, just a third-class apprentice, is excited as the old city begins to move—until he’s pushed off, that is. He makes a good friend and together they risk everything to get back and to solve a great mystery. Thrilling and action-packed. Buy on Amazon >

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