How to... videos

How to videos series page

How to … is a series of videos that we've created to help parents better understand how key topics are taught in school, and what you can do at home to support what your child is learning at school. Working with the team from Oxford Owl for School (our partner site that supports schools and teachers), this series aims to help parents and teachers work even more closely to support children's learning.

what is phonics

How to... phonics

Understand how to put reading with phonics into practice.

How to help with nouns

How to ... nouns

Tips to explore the different types of nouns with your child.

How to help with grammar

How to ... grammar

Help your child learn about sentences, phrases and clauses.

Helping struggling readers

How to ... maths

An introduction to the concept of number.

help with counting

How to ... count

Tips on how to help your child count with confidence.

composing numbers

Composing numbers

Find out about joining and breaking down numbers.

what is place value

How to ... place value

Find out all about place value.

reading comprehension

How to ... comprehension

Tips for helping your child develop their reading comprehension.