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About Charlotte Aynsley

Charlotte Aynsley works with a variety of organisations, including companies and schools, to help better inform parents about children's online safety. Charlotte has been involved in and led programmes aimed at keeping children safe online and has provided e-safety guidance to local authorities and government.

In her films, Charlotte talks about some of the risks and benefits associated with technology and the internet. She will also suggest some steps you can take to support your child and keep them safe online.

Top Tips

Parenting in the digital world can be a challenge, but it provides great potential for both playing and learning. These top tips from e-safety expert, Charlotte Aynsley, will help make the internet as much fun as possible for you and your family.

1. Try it!
Play with some of the technology and websites yourself and talk about them with your child.

2. Set the rules
Think about how you guide your family in the offline world - the online world is no different. Don't be afraid to set rules and boundaries.

3. Ask around
Talk to your friends, family and other parents about how they help their children to manage the digital world.

4. Use the tools
Make the most of the tools that are available to you like parental controls, privacy features and safety options on computers, mobiles, tablets and game consoles.

5. Age ratings
Make sure you are familiar with the age ratings on websites and games - that will make it quick and easy to check your child is accessing age appropriate content.

6. Which websites?
You could agree a list of websites your child is allowed to visit. Talk to them about what personal information is and what they should and shouldn't share.

7. Time out
You might want to consider time limits for the internet and gaming.

8. Ask the teacher
Talk to your child's teacher to help understand how they use technology and the internet at school for learning and how you can complement that at home.

9. Talk about it
Make the digital world part of everyday conversation.

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