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Fun activities for 7–9 year olds

Summer activities to enjoy with your child, whilst supporting their reading, maths and science skills.

write a diary
Start a holiday diary

Diaries are a great way for children to document their holidays while practising their writing. They can take any format and kids can draw or stick things in for a more scrapbook-like approach.

Legend of Kevin comic-making tips

Learn how to make an awesome comic book with these top tips courtesy of everyone's favourite flying pony, Kevin.
Download the activity sheet [PDF] >

identify leaves

How many different types of leaves can you find around your local area? The Woodland Trust has kindly provided us with a handy ID sheet to help you identify all the different varieties.
Download the activity sheet [PDF] >

Summer Reading Challenge

Take our summer reading challenge! Print out the grid and try to complete five across in any direction. Stuck for reading ideas? Look at our recommendations, or explore our free eBook library.
Download the challenge [PDF] >

make your own butter

Ever wondered how butter is made? This recipe from Primary Science shows you that it’s easy peasy and gives lots of extra information about the science behind it all.
Download recipe >

make banana milkshake

A delicious banana milkshake recipe with a twist. The recipe is for just one person so if your child wants to make more for their friends as well then they need to multiply the recipe.
Download recipe [PDF] >

make your own reward chart

It may be the summer holidays but there are still chores to be done. Make them fun using our reward chart. Children will feel motivated to do whatever activities you decide upon while practising to use graphs and scales at the same time.
Download instructions [PDF] >

Pocket money

Pocket money is a great incentive to get children involved with the housework and learn to budget. How much did they earn? What can they buy? Can they afford that new toy or do they need to save for their holiday?

butterfly spotting

Use this iDial kindly provided by The Woodland Trust to spot as many butterflies as you can and find out their proper names.
Download the iDial [PDF] >

make your own training plan

The holidays are a great chance for kids to improve on something they love whether it’s a sport, hobby or something they do at school. Maybe they want to start something completely new. This training plan lets them chart their practice. Stick to it and they will be on their way to becoming professionals!
Download instructions [PDF] >

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