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Summer reading for 9 - 11 year olds

From funny books about Wonder Goats to modern classics, you'll find something to suit your child in our summer selection for ages 9-11.

Julia Green
Noah is looking forward to spending the summer in the Wilderness - a strip of wild land across from his house. The Wilderness means freedom . . . climbing trees, sleeping under the stars, spotting a deer, feeding the birds. But Noah discovers that there are plans afoot to destroy the Wilderness. He'll have to fight to save it. This means war. A celebration of the wild outdoors, with fun ideas on how to make the most of our wild spaces included at the back of the book.
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Gary Crew, Steven Woolman
Two boys explore the watertower near their Australian town, but find something unexpected in this mysterious book that asks as many questions as it answers.
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Kate DiCamillo
A touching and poignant tale about Opal and her new dog Winn-Dixie and the change it brings to her life and her relationship with her father. Older primary-aged children will love this story (although there will be tears!)
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Coralie Bickford-Smith
Winner of Waterstones Book of the Year, this absolutely beautiful book explores themes of need and loss and finding your place in the world.
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Richard Joyce
Meet Escorvia's greatest ever circus boss, and his wonder goat! A new kid in town, a washed-up circus owner and a performing goat - three unlikely friends, all struggling to fit in. Together they'll make you laugh, cry and shout Skaboonky!
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A. F. Harrold
Amanda and her imaginary friend Rudger have a wonderful time together, until nasty Mr Bunting moves next door. Mr Bunting catches imaginaries and, after Amanda is involved in an accident, Rudger abruptly finds himself alone, racing to find someone else who can see him before he fades away. An exciting and magical book to spark young (and old) imaginations.
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Frances Hardinge
Twelve-year-old Mosca May is on the run, using all her wits to survive amongst highwaymen and smugglers. A marvellous and lyrical book of adventure set in an alternate eighteenth century, A Fly By Night is essential reading for older readers and fans of Philip Pullman's His Dark Materials.
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Neil Gaiman
Raised by ghosts after his family are murdered, Bod has only known life inside the graveyard. As he gets older, he starts wanting contact with the outside world... but will he be safe from the mysterious murderer? Gaiman has created a story that is scary and full of suspense but, ultimately, full of heart with powerful and positive messages about love and family.
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Gill Lewis
Imara and Bobo are two children living with a band of rebel soldiers in the African jungle. When an orphaned gorilla is brought to their camp they swear to protect it. But in their war-ravaged world, can they ever find true safety? A thrilling and inspirational story from award-winning Gill Lewis.
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Tamsin Cooke
Schoolgirl by day and cat burglar by night, Scarlet and her dad are on a mission to return stolen treasures to their rightful owners. But when they take an ancient Aztec bracelet, her world turns upside down. A dramatic, thrilling and action-packed book for confident readers
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Arthur Ransome
The Walker children set sail on the Swallow and head for Wild Cat Island where they spend their time camping, fishing and swimming. However their peace is soon shattered by the appearance of the Amazon pirates, the Blackett sisters. A battle ensues which leads to an amazing summer of fun, adventure and friendships.
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Helen Dunmore
Sapphire’s father is missing at sea when she meets a mysterious merman, Faro, and discovers the underwater world of Ingo where the Mer creatures of the dark old myths live. Sapphy is drawn to the sea and longs to see her father once more – but to inhabit that world she must give up all thoughts of the Air world.
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