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Summer reading for 7 - 9 year olds

First chapter books for emerging readers. Introduce classics such as the BFG and Pippi Longstocking and meet new heroes like Secret Agent Kevin Twigg.

Shaun Tan
A wordless masterpiece that explores what it is like to leave all you have know and travel to somewhere new and strange.
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Philip Reeve and Sarah McIntyre
Oliver is the son of explorers. After years of travelling to faraway places they decide that it is time to go home. But living by mysterious islands proves far too tempting for his parents. When they go missing it is Oliver who goes to the rescue, meeting new friends and battling with sea monkeys and villains along the way. A magical adventure story, full of friendship, imagination and fun!
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Elin Kelsey, Soyeon Kim
A beautiful picture book that uses a poetic text and astonishing images to illustrate how people are connected to nature and the world we inhabit. A simple text full of big ideas.
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Levi Pinfold
When a black dog appears at the Hope family’s door, everyone but the youngest Hope hides from it. The dog grows bigger and bigger until it is confronted. A beautifully-illustrated allegory perfect for talking to children about confronting their fears.
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Tom McLaughlin
When you hear the words 'international super spy with a licence to kill', you're probably not thinking of a thirteen-year-old boy with an overactive imagination called Kevin. But through an incredible mix up, Kevin happens to be the secret service's latest recruit and the fate of the world rests in his hands. An hilarious read!
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Grahame Baker-Smith
Drawing on the myth of Daedalus and Icarus, this exquisite picture book tells the story of a father’s obsession with flight and his relationship with his son.
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Rachel Hamilton
Everyone dreams of fame, even unicorns... Let loose in New York City, Louie is determined to put on a show, make everyone believe in unicorns, and be totally AWESOME at all times.
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Philip Pullman
Karl must prove himself as a master clock–maker. His final task is to build a clockwork figure. On the eve of the unveiling, Karl is still to create his figure. When a strange hooded character offers him the most perfect clockwork knight he has ever seen, Karl is tempted to accept, but at what price? The choices the characters make and the reasons behind these choices make this gothic tale a classic.
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Harry Horse
Grandfather sets off on a long journey, determined to find the last polar bears before it's too late. Accompanied by his faithful but opinionated dog, Roo, Grandfather relates his adventure through a series of letters to his grandchild. The journey is hard but the letters are packed with humour. Parents may have to hold back a few tears as the book ends, but five year olds will clamour for more.
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John Boyne
The Brocket family are perfectly average – nothing unseemly or out of the ordinary. But when Barnaby is born, he is not normal. He defies the laws of gravity and nothing seems to curtail the floating. So desperate measures are taken and Barnaby is cut loose to float away. Thus begins his extraordinary adventures. Gently humorous, the story explores universal themes of family, identity and belonging.
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Anthony Browne
Four people go for a walk in the park and in the process voice very different perspectives on it. A clever, multi–voiced tale, this is a brilliant evocation of different viewpoints that will provoke family debate.
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Eoin Colfer
Will and his brother Marty get the blame for causing mischief at home during the holidays and so are sent to the library every day as punishment. The library is run by Mrs Murphy, the elderly librarian who likes to shoot children with her spud gun. How will Marty and Will survive? A very funny and accessible story of mischief and adventure.
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Nicola Davies
We meet a girl on a mean street in a mean city, who snatches a bag out of desperation. However, to keep it she has to make a promise and that promise will eventually change her life for the better and help her to change the lives of others. A very thoughtful picture book with atmospheric illustrations and a positive message.
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Roald Dahl
Have you ever wondered where dreams come from? One night, a little girl called Sophie wakes up to see a giant in the shadows... A fantastic story by a legendary storyteller.
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Astrid Lindgren
Meet Pippi Longstocking, a nine–year–old girl who lives with her horse and pet monkey in Villa Villekulla. When she meets Annika and Tommy, the children next door, their adventures begin as this independent little girl fights off burglars and school inspectors, and joins the fun of the circus.
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