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Children's books for comedy nuts

Well, if Christmas isn't a time for having a good belly-laugh, when is? Our tales of comic capers are perfect for children (of all ages) who love to have a giggle. With wonderfully loveable characters who just can't help but get into trouble sometimes, children will learn that it's OK not to be perfect 100% of the time... so long as you keep trying!

Picture books for young comedians

Jon Burgerman
A stunningly original story that plays with the physical boundaries of the book as an object to encourage interaction and imagination! Every time you turn a page in this book, something gets splatted onto the page opposite! From custard pies, sandwiches, water balloons, and ice-creams - a whole series of outrageous splats will build and build into a hilarious story that will have children roaring with laughter.
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Elys Dolan
An irresistible look at the workings of Mr Bunny's chocolate factory! Packed with cross-over humour to amuse kids and big kids too, with beautifully detailed artwork that you will enjoy poring over time and time again.
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Activity: Mr Bunny colouring in sheet [PDF]

Richard Byrne
A funny and original high-concept picture book where the book itself interferes with what happens on the page. Readers get the chance to press the buttons and witness the hilarious slapstick results every time the page is turned. It's an interactive experience for the reader, who ultimately has to help in restoring normality.
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Funny books for 5 - 8 year olds

John Dougherty, David Tazzyman
It’s Christmas in Great Kerfuffle, but something’s not quite right. Stinkbomb and Ketchup-Face have been extra good this year, but there aren't any presents. They know Father Christmas wouldn’t forget them so something must have happened... Where is Father Christmas? And are there badgers involved? Will Stinkbomb and Ketchup-Face be able to save Christmas? Or at least find their presents?! Find out in their latest anarchic adventure.
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Philip Reeve, Sarah McIntyre
Emily loves living on Funfair Moon - especially when she gets to help Jinks & O'Hare, the extraordinary repair team. But when chaos strikes during a crucial funfair inspection, Emily has to act fast. Can she deal with a violent fudgesplosion, a gravity inversion, and a marauding candyfloss creature? Or does this spell doom for Funfair Moon?
Find out in Reeve and McIntyre’s latest adventure that fans won’t want to miss!
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Rachel Hamilton, Oscar Armelles
“The New York School for Performing Arts is the perfect place for a unicorn like me. So far it has been totally awesome! Madame Swirler is training me up for a HUGE dance competition. She keeps shouting ‘How will I train a unicorn with two left feet?!’ but luckily for her I have hooves, so we’ll be just fine.”
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Wendy Meddour, Mina May
"It is very tricky to get things right ALL of the time. Sometimes, I get things a little bit wrong. But it's not actually always my entire fault. " Wendy’s world is warm, fun, and most of all funny: created by a hilarious mother-daughter team. Perfect for girls age 7+ who enjoy a good giggle.
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Books for ages 9+

Tom McLaughlin
Jasper Spam’s science experiments usually tend to end in a BANG, until one day he quite accidentally manages to invent something that will change the world forever - the world's first talking cat. With his new-found wealth Jasper can finally live the life he's always dreamed of. But there is a huge price to pay for bringing talking cats to the world, and money won't solve the problem...
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Books for teenagers

Ben David, Mike Lowery
The fourth book about the unstoppable, unfathomable, and unbelievable Joe Cowley, in a series being hailed as Diary of a Wimpy Kid meets The Inbetweeners. Perfect for the YouTube and Instagram generation and anyone who can’t resist a little slapstick, and packed with masses of illustrations and doodles by top illustrator Mike Lowery.
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