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Grammar videos

Take a look at our selection of grammar videos, covering subjects ranging from sentences to tenses to nouns. The jargon buster contains helpful explanations of difficult concepts.

Sentences, phrases
& clauses videos

What are sentences? >
Explore sentence types >
Active and passive sentences >
What are phrases and clauses? >
Learn about phrases and clauses >

Tenses videos

Verbs & tenses >
Active and passive sentences >

Nouns videos

What are nouns? >
Grammar games: Proper and common nouns >
What are concrete and abstract nouns? >
What are countable and
non-countable nouns? >

What are pronouns? >

Jargon buster videos

What are cohesive devices? >
What are fronted adverbials? >
What is the subordinate clause? >
What is the subjunctive? >
What are homographs? >
What are homophones? >
What are prefixes and suffixes? >

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