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Phonics videos

What is Phonics? >
How to pronounce pure sounds >
How to blend sounds to read words >
How to support phonics learning >
Phonics help: Top 10 tips >

Spelling & vocabulary videos

How to use apostrophes >
What are mnemonics? >
What are synonyms & antonyms? >
What are plurals? >
What are homographs? >
What are homophones? >
What are prefixes and suffixes? >
How to grow your child's vocabulary >

Reading &
comprehension videos

What is comprehension? >
Julia Donaldson's top reading tips >
Make a reading den >
Supporting your child's
reading comprehension >

Exploring grammar through reading >

Handwriting videos

Make Handwriting Fun >
Getting ready to write >
Ten Little Fingers >
Rain >
Incey Wincey Spider >
Grandma's Spectacles >

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