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Browse our home support videos for inspiration on how to help your child at home, with games, activities and homework advice.

Helping your child
succeed videos

Building kids' resilience and confidence >
Developing kids' self-control >
Supporting your child's learning >

Fun learning ideas videos

Games for car journeys >
Make handwriting fun >
Make a reading den >
Cooking with kids >

Outdoor learning
ideas videos

Discovery walks >
Take learning outdoors >
Problem solving fun >
Bringing the outdoors in >
Wild numbers and letters >

Fun maths games videos

Enjoying maths at home >
Times tables games >
Dice games >
Card games >
An ancient strategy game: Nim >
Seeing number relationships >

Homework help videos

What is BODMAS? >
How to do long division >
What are averages? >
What are mass, volume and area? >
What are diameter, radius,
circumference and pi? >

What is a fronted adverbial? >
What is the subjunctive? >

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