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Maths videos

Find out how maths is taught at school, and get top tips on how you can help at home, with our maths videos.

Number & place value videos

What is number? >
How to help your child recognise numbers >
What is subitising? >
What is place value? >
Understanding place value >

Counting, addition
& subtraction videos

What is counting? >
How to help your child to count >
Composing & decomposing numbers? >
How to join and break down numbers >
Early maths skills: Addition >
Early maths skills: Number bonds >
Early maths skills: Subtraction >
Early maths skills: Partitioning >
Adding & subtracting negative numbers >

Multiplication, division
& factors videos

How to practise times tables >
How to do long division >
How to do short division >
What are multiples? >
What are factors? >
How to find prime numbers and factors >
Division by chunking >
Division by sharing >
Division by grouping >

Geometry and shapes videos

How to describe 2D & 3D shapes >
What are angles? >
What are diameter, radius, circumference and pi? >

Fractions and decimals videos

What are fractions? >
What are decimals? >

What is BODMAS?

Refresh your knowledge of the order of operations used for solving maths problems at school, and find out the right order to solve any calculation. Essential preparation for SATs and other maths tests.

Fun ideas to try at home

Problem solving fun

Develop early counting skills, make patterns, or practice times tables outdoors.

Wild numbers and letters

Explore ways to create numbers and letters outdoors with Isabel Thomas.

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