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Homework help videos

These helpful videos clearly and concisely tackle some common tricky homework tasks, like long division, working out averages, finding areas and more.

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What is BODMAS?

Find out the right order to solve any calculation with this short animation.

How to do long division

There are several different ways to divide a number. Watch this short animation to learn how to divide using the long division method.

What are averages?

Watch this short animation to find out how to calculate mean, median
and mode averages.

What are mass, volume and area?

Watch this short animation to learn the definitions for mass, volume and area.

What are diameter, radius, circumference and pi?

Watch this short animation to learn how to calculate the diameter, radius and circumference of a circle.

What are fronted adverbials?

Adverbials tell you about time, place, manner or number. Find out the key questions adverbials can be used to answer, and get examples to use yourself.

What is the subjunctive?

Watch this short animation to find out what the subjunctive form is and when to use it.

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