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India 2012 027 (4)Children’s literature consultant Wendy Cooling has spent her working life encouraging children to become enthusiastic readers. After a career in teaching, Wendy worked for the reading charity, BookTrust. It was here that she founded BookStart. Wendy has gone on to advise on similar schemes around the world. She also creates anthologies for children and regularly reviews children’s books. She is an inspirational speaker who has worked with thousands of teachers, librarians and parents helping them develop the reading habit in children. Wendy was awarded the MBE for services to children’s literacy in 2009.

Picture Books

Featuring Wendy's list of the 12 all-time picture book classics, there are also great books for bedtime and wonderful rhyming stories to read aloud.

Animal stories: Ages 6-12

Animal stories are great ways of learning about friendship, other countries and the environment. Here, Wendy chooses a range of books to suit all ages and interests.

Adventure stories: Ages 6-12

Including our own Winnie-the-Witch, Wendy chooses some enthralling page-turners.

Funny stories: Ages 6-12

Expect grins, giggles and even guffaws with our selection of funny stories.

Stories about family and friends: Ages 6-12

The topic might feel familiar, but Wendy's selection shows that the strangest, funniest and surprising things can happen in the most familiar of settings.

Journeys into history: Ages 8-12

Show your child how to time travel, just by opening a book!

School stories: Ages 6-12

A classic setting for children's stories, Wendy's lists mixes old favourites and new finds.

Fantasy and Magic: Ages 6-12

There's more to fantasy and magic stories than a certain Mr Potter, and this list will introduce your child to even more great fantastical stories.

Mystery stories: Ages 8-12

Who doesn't like a good mystery? From missing Roman signet rings to the adventures of the Young Houdini, here's Wendy's top picks to keep your child guessing!

Books for World Book Day

From dog-eating books to spud gun-wielding librarians, read Wendy's selection of books to celebrate books, libraries and reading.

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